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Parts of a Gift Basket


A gift basket doesn't technically have to incorporate a basket. Use a different container to hold all the gifts and goodies. A movie-themed gift basket can be placed into a large bowl perfect for holding popcorn. A gardening gift basket could go into a tool caddy or decorative pot. Place spa goodies into a foot bath. Use containers that the recipient will use and enjoy.

Purchase several small gifts to go inside the container. This is the meat and potatoes of the gift basket. Pick a theme and stick with it through the gifts. Movie baskets could include movie tickets, a few DVDs, several bags of popcorn and movie theater candy. Fill a kitchen basket with large utensils, a few spices, some specialty foods that you know the recipient will enjoy and a new egg timer. If you are making a company gift basket, include pens, t-shirts, mouse pads and magnets with the company logo or slogan on it. If you sell items, include a few coupons for your goods or services. Make sure that the items you purchase will actually be appreciated by the recipient.

 You want the gifts to stick out of the top of the container a bit, so you may need to put a bit of filler in the bottom to hold the items up. Use crumpled up tissue paper paper shreds or cellophane paper  that you can purchase in the gift wrapping section of a store. If you have a paper shredder at home, you can shred colored paper yourself.

 Once all your items are in the basket or container, wrap it up so the gifts stay secure. You can purchase clear cellophane bags or PVC shrink bag made for this purpose, or use cellophane wrap similar to what you would wrap leftover food in. Lay one or two large pieces on the table and place the container in the middle. Pull the sides up to meet in the middle over the container. Secure the wrap with a rubber band around all the pieces of cellophane wrap. You can also use tulle in place of cellophane wrap.

 Tie a ribbon around the rubber band to make it look pretty. You can tie ribbon into a large, beautiful bow, or use a small pull bow with long tails hanging down. Use a colored ribbon that matches the items in the basket. Wide cloth ribbons make large bows, but skinny curling ribbon can make a fun frothy bow.

Cards or Notes
 Attach a small card or note to the tail of the ribbon. Write who the gift is to and from, as well as a company name or any other information you want to impart. If it is a personal gift, include a small note of appreciation or love.

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